Have you suffered an attack on your brand? Has you or your brand been portrayed in a negative light?

At Marco Richards, we offer crisis management and brand reputation management services to help resurrect your brand image and put the systems in place to prevent this in the future.

How We Help Manage Crisis Situations

Content Management

We build content and stories that we can put out across social media, news and blog platforms to help push a more positive message of your brand image.

Real, Actionable Strategy

We can book strategy sessions and organise what we can do moving forward to ensure your brand is protected.

Campaign Management

Our guys will walk hand in hand with you throughout your campaign, making sure that we are taking active action and delivering on the brand protection requirements.

Relationships With Media Outlets

Our team of ex-journalists still work with a number of their former colleagues and can leverage publications in a way that puts your brand in a more positive light.

Digital Marketing

We utilise digital platforms and SEO to help promote positive messages and take out the bad. We can directly engage with your audience and put out any potential fires building online.

  • Building The Right Media Narratives

    We partner with advertising companies, digital marketing agencies and news outlets that can have huge power when it comes to building a positive media narrative. We can put immediate plans in place that can counter any negative press.

  • Putting The Right Messages Out To Your Audience

    Our team ensure that the right systems are in place by combining all of our PR channels to make sure that the right, positive messages are being transmitted to your audience. Any kind of crisis can be hugely detrimental to a business.

    Whether you have had a damning article published in the papers or you have sections of your audience talking negatively about your brand, we try to counter this by ensuring that the only only messages we put out are positive.

  • Your Brand Must Be Protected at All Costs

    Whether you require legal action or just simply need to put a more positive message out to the people, we have all of our clients covered. We have dealt with some of the most extreme cases of crises and make sure that your brand is protected as best as it can be.

    Your business may not have experienced any sort of crisis but as your brand grows, there are bound to be stumbling blocks along the way. We also ensure that the clients that work with us have the safety nets in place that can help prevent this from happening down the line.

    Our team is made up of ex journalists, strategic partners and content writers – all with a ton of experience and understand the ins and outs of the media industry.