We are here to answer any questions that you may have in regards to our service offerings. Our transparent approach to our work means that you can understand every stage of our processes and see for yourself the work that goes into helping establish the brands of our clients.

How Do You Build Brand Awareness?

We combine our experience within the media industry with the various digital platforms and other forms of advertising to help push your brand in the right direction.

We work with a number of businesses who specialise in other forms of marketing to help you get the specialist work required to promote your brand from every angle.

Whether that is web developers, digital marketing companies and event management companies, we have you covered when it comes to building general awareness.

How Much Freedom Will I Have Over My Brand?

We ensure that we align your views with the strategies we put in place for your business. At Marco Richards, we are here to purely put the systems in place to allow your brand to flourish and it is our collaborative approach that makes every client campaign so successful.

How Do You Get Features in Newspapers?

We have numerous connections within the journalism and media world. With many of our team being made up of ex journalists, we really know how to land successful features in newspapers and give your brand the visibility needed to outperform the rest within your industry.

How Much Does Your Work Cost?

Our prices are on a per campaign basis. Our strategy sessions are free and this will help to establish goals and the costs involved moving forward with your PR campaign.

How Can I Judge The Success of my Campaign?

We establish a number of key performance indicators based on the platforms we are using and the best way to judge the results. Whether that is the number of shares of a particular article, the number of enquiries generated from a particular article or monitoring traffic, to name a few, we ensure that all clients are made aware of how the results from each campaign are tracked.

How Long Do I Need To Work With You Before I See Results?

Every campaign is different and each client will have different aspirations when it comes to what they want to achieve from a campaign. Our guys will ensure that you are kept in the loop and will come up with a calculated prediction as to how long it will be before you see results.

We try to make sure with every campaign that you can see progression as soon as possible.

What Services Do You Offer To Help Build My Brand?

We offer comprehensive management of your brand profile. From public relations to social media management, we are your one stop shop to build your brand awareness. See our service pages for more on what we offer here at Marco Richards.