Our relationships with some of the largest media outlets in the UK ensure that all of our clients can receive the best, most positive exposure possible. Our team is made up of ex-journalists that have significant experience in the press industry and because of this, means that we know how powerful press mentions are as well as how detrimental they can be if not managed in the right way.

Step 1

Our consultation and strategy session will outline our plans with your campaign. This will allow us to visualise the course of your campaign and utilise the channels that are going to be the most beneficial for your campaign. We can tailor build a number of unique campaigns based on budget and depending on

Step 2

Once we have put together your strategic plan, we then get to work on executing your campaign. We ensure that the team are briefed accordingly and know of every press and brand awareness task that needs to be delivered upon. Our team is the engine room of your campaign and we outline any key media opportunities we can pounce on to ensure you are getting all of the viability your strategy requires.

Step 3

This involves us keeping you in the loop through regular reporting and meetings where we ensure that you know exactly what is happening with your campaign. Whether it’s keeping you up to date on your content marketing strategies, any press opportunities we’ve found or any potential influencers we can reach out to in order to help give your brand an even bigger platform, we ensure that everyone is on the same page and playing to the same tune.

  • Providing Our Clients With The Platform Needed To Succeed

    We are here to push your message in a positive light, creating stories that we know will land article placements as well as managing any other press mentions that may be circulating. This sort of traditional coverage is often neglected with many PR agencies and is not managed in a way that can benefit the client.

  • Connecting the Dots Between Audience and Brand

    At Marco Richards, we know how crucial it is as a part of your overall brand and marketing strategy because of the huge reach you can benefit from. We provide PR for a variety of organisations and individuals within a number of industries and know what is required to get the very most out of every campaign.

  • Become a Powerhouse Within Your Industry

    Our goal with every campaign is to engage conversations and interest of a particular brand and utilising social media, news platforms and content, we can increase brand impressions and really get your intended audience interested in what you are doing.

  • PR Services We Provide

    • PR Services for Startups
    • Influencer PR
    • Entertainment PR
    • Consumer PR
    • Digital PR
  • How We Do It

    Our team ensure that every client that chooses to work with us has what is needed to help their image and brand propel.

    We make use of media and digital platforms to ensure that we are putting out positive messages that will not only align with your brand but engage your audience and teach them about your offerings.

    If you are a business or an individual,if you have a reputation to maintain, you need to ensure that you are teaching and engaging the audience you are reaching out to.